It’s amazing what we are capable of with modern technology and travel, but after seeing nearly 50 countries, i’ve starting losing the “magic” that I used to feel.

We experience that same “magic” when we do things that scare us or visit places that take us completely out of our element. For me, it’s gotten harder and harder to do that.

So i’ve decided to do something
that scares me.

In less than 90 days, i’ll be finding a used sailboat, learning how to fix it up, and solo sailing around the world.

Romantic right?It definitely is. There’s a few catches though.

For one, I am SUPER scared of being alone.

Take a second and ask yourself “How long have I gone without seeing another person?” For me it’s less than 48 hours and during a long ocean crossing, a person can go over a month without seeing anyone else.

To top it off, i’ve never been on a sailboat in my life.

Neverlandia is NEVER about adding a check mark to a bucket list.

It’s an understanding that the special moments in life come from experiences that cannot be planned for.

“Focused less on making a living, and more on “living a living”. If I shared this page with you, I must think you are at least semi-awesome.”

Will I live or die?

Stay in touch if you want to find out